Some Simple Ways To Sharpe Your Mind


Some Simple Ways To Sharpe Your Mind

Some Simple Ways To Sharpe Your Mind

Exercise can usually be exercised with body weight, fit. But what can I do to keep my mind fit? Fill the crossword puzzle that will hit the head. Let's explore some of the newest software downloaded in a computer or cellphone. But all this is not enough. If the proper exercise of the following is done correctly, you can always revise the various capabilities within the brain, due to old age or correct inspiration. These exercises may seem fun. But if you start to combine these with daily activities,

You can feel the difference.

A week or so everyday, or an object or a person. You can do this at tea or bus during the trip, whether on a train or a bus. Keep a note in the hand and look at the material or person you have drawn right away. This is a short-term memory training. At the end of the week, look at the images of the seven objects or humans that you have seen and see the pictures already drawn in your notebook. This is a long-term memory training.


Whenever you have a call from someone on the phone, try to find out who's calling the caller's voice, rather than the visible name on the screen, or try to identify the musical instrument when you hear the most favorite movie song. Similarly, do a weekly workshop to find a musical instrument.

Smell of smell / taste

Go to the restaurant and order a good flavor of fresh food and try to identify the spices that are mixed with flavor and flavor. After smelling or flavoring, you can check whether it is correct by the server or anyone else who knows about it.

Touch-realization / taste perception

Some Simple Ways To Sharpe Your Mind

Open the refrigerator in the house, close your eyes, find items that are placed inside, find hand or smell their flavor.


Consider the phone numbers of two friends who are often calling. When memorizing them and calling those numbers the next time, you have to dial the memory without dialing them with the list of the phone. At the end of the weekend, write down all the 14 numbers in a notebook.

Measure the distance, area and size of the sight

Visuo spatial abilities can be measured by the ability to measure the distance, area, size, and magnitude of the sight. This ability to climb the age will be dull. However, here are some ways to keep the barrier sharp. Go to a new place and return home, write a note on the map as a diagram from memory. Assess the degree of thickness or thickness of a product. Then measure it and check the appraisal.

Improve the ability to create

Some Simple Ways To Sharpe Your Mind

This is the size of the individual's ability to create a new material with separate, small things. This can be improved with the following two exercises. Take the jigsaw puzzle jigsaw puzzle with the least number of pieces, and try to add the pins properly. Note the time taken to complete the puzzle. Make the same puzzle next week. Repeat the time it took. If you get bored, select a different puzzle

Develop logic skills (Logic Ability)

Everyone thinks that all that is happening around us is fair or in a way that is determined by everyone. Sometimes, we forget that order. Here is the practice of sharpening this area. Recall the list of groceries shopping. Though it may seem very simple, it is very difficult to say when you say it. How did we memorize the list of planets in the Solar System when we were studying at school? Use the same technique to try to memorize the grocery list.

Play with words - develop word skills

If you use the correct words, while speaking or writing, we mean training long-term and short-term memory. Repeat the exercise mentioned below to improve the word capability. Most of us have news on television or newspapers daily. Remember some headlines in the morning. Write down the messages in the evening with words. Learn a new language.

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