"She never appreciated the cooking she did, even if she knew it."

"You never say you're beautiful, even if you know her."

"Never said she loved you, even if she knew."

This is the dialogue or excitement of a 52 year old hero (Sanjay Mishra).

He goes to the office on a regular basis. Earn money. He takes care of the family. That's all he had in his eyes.

But his wife thinks it's not love and responsibility. He wants a love of his life and a little romance.

Love, adoration, liking, romance - all these words and feelings we see in childhood, teens and youth.

But after 40 or 50 years, is there no need for love in life? Is not love? What if work stresses, work, and family alienate it?

After watching the release of this week's release "Angreji Mae Kahte Hai" the same thing came to mind.

The story of three such couples is Angreji Mae Kahte Hai. They have different motives for love.

52-year-old Yash Batra (Sanjay Mishra) and his wife Kiran (Ekawali) have no romance in life. No matter what, the husband does not need to think about it.

Tanemi is not a villain. But he probably did not know that love would come and express it in the middle ages.


Sexual desires are strong in the elderly as well
It has nothing to do with my desire and my disability

It seems like a lot of Hindi cinema, telling the story of young minds who stare around the trees and go to the discos once and openly express love. But the stories like Middle Love Love Story are much less visible here.

That's the one ... The 1965 song 'Vakt' is a song from the movie - 'Ye Mary Jokhara jabi jo buzzurigati' about love.

Then came the 2007 Honeymoon Travels.

Many young couples are going on a honeymoon. These include Boman Irani and Shabana Azmi. Both are in middle age. They also have children. For both, it was their second marriage.

Parental expectations, expectations .. Do children unite?
Is there a threat to sexual ability with cycling?

The love story of two couples coming together for a honeymoon between five young couples is a unique experience.

There is a scene in this movie. An old memory of Boman Irani recalls. Then he hugs and kisses his new bride Shabana in the middle of the road. Both lives have caused them many injuries. But that life also gave her another chance to love. They did not view the growing age as a deterrent.

Hindi films like this are few and far between. They come out of adolescence and express love despite any conditions.

For example the story of a divorced middle-aged woman (Dimple Kapadia) in Dil Chahta Hai. As a painter, she is alone. That loneliness is accompanied by a young man next to him (Akshay Khanna). But the bond between the two of them is not the love that comes with age.

Sharmila Tagore and Anupam Kher's movie 'Morning Walk'. Anupam Kher, who has been having a few days with his grandson, goes for a morning walk. Then he meets Sharmila Tagore, more than a girlfriend in his youth. Throughout the film, the elderly couple explore the past and the future.

Does the brain struggle with death? What happens before you die?
#HerChoice: 'Why did I decide to live with a woman ..'

And when it comes to Basu Chatterjee's film 'Khatta-Meeta' - the story goes on with the same sense of humor.

One scene in which Ashok Kumar did not forget. His wife is dead in the movie. He is looking for a companion for him in old age. He wants to take care of his four sons. But he marries a Parsi widow (Pearl Padsi). This creates chaos in the entire family.

In 2004, there was a film in English called 'Notebook'. It is a love story of two young minds - an old man in a nursing home who reads a notebook to Ely on a regular basis.

The elderly woman who has the last number of cases will have dementia. She has forgotten that her lover, Borte, reads the stories to her daily. That love story is actually their real life story.

With the onset of heart attack, the person is also admitted to the same hospital overnight. At midnight he leaves his room and walks into the dementia ward where his girlfriend and wife are.

Ely remembers him amidst vivid memories. Then they sleep on the same bed, holding both hands together to stay together forever.


It is also a love story between two elderly people.

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There is a British film called 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel'. This includes a group of retired elderly people staying in a retirement hotel in India. There is a story of love and friendship between these older people.

But the ways of expressing love in Indian cinema are different. Young minds here too are bound by many restrictions.

It is like expressing love between families and adults.

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