Funny skits adults corporate party

  (Dance evening)

In the evening dance and a great team relaxing. In this situation, the company can be used to celebrate holidays in the banquet hall or in a rental club. The script is designed for a group of 50-100 people.

  • Duration - 4-7 hours.
  • For the event you have to:
  • Meal (meal, fruits and various drinks, by arranging a buffet table) Gifts.
  • Musical accompaniment.
  • Props for matches.
  • Corporate Environmental Plan.
  • The evening is the beginning.
  • Best dance pair matches.
  • Auction "Cat A Cat".
  • Dance entertainment.
  • Entertainment "stop music".
  • "Edge On" matches.
  • Rewarding.
  • Script and displays.


The evening is the beginning

At the beginning of the evening it is necessary to integrate those who come to the party and provide entertainment to create an appropriate mood.

For example, you can play this game:

We all have ears

Players get in a circle. "We all have hands," says the referee. Afterwards, every shareholder takes his right to his neighbor's house, shouting "We have all hands", when the players go in a circle and go into a circle.

The leader then says, "We all are necks", and the game is repeated, now only participants have their right neighbors near the neck, then the head lists the various parts of the body, the players move in the circle or sing, "We all ..."

The head of the body parts listed is based on the imagination and the degree of relaxedness of the players. For example, the following parts of the body can be listed: weapons (separate right and left), hip, neck, shoulder, ears (separate right and left), elbows, hair, nose, chest.


Best dance pair matches

After encouraging the audience, you can announce a competition for the best dance pair.


The pairs balloon to connect the feet of their partner to the players. The partner's purpose is to save his partner and other balls in the hole ball. At the same time the couple have to dance. The last couple to save the ball declared the winner and gets a prize.

During the game, you can add additional needs for participants - their dance sound should match the music. At the same time, the music will change at all times.

Ice dancing


Each pair of participants published a newspaper. They want to dance that there is no shareholders on the ground outside the newspaper. Each signal and drama continues before newspaper papers. Music will change at all times. If the partners dance in any country, the couple will be removed from the competition. The last pair in the game gets a prize.


Participants are dancing to music. It is. The music will continue to change. Visitors appreciate the dances and choose the best pair of winners in the competition.

Auction "cat in a bag"

In the gaps between the dances, you can hold the bumper "bidder". Many of the participants will show that they do not know how to put them in the papers. In the form of comic forms, the purpose of this subject is to inform the public.

The real money is used in the auction, whereas the initial price of all the cards is very low. The partner who purchased the item's higher price buys it.

Before entering the new owner, the item is expressed to satisfy the public interest.

It is good to change the fun and expensive tickets that increase the public's enthusiasm.

Examples of lots and bids:

Without it, we will not be happy for any party. (Soul)

Something sticky. (Candy "Chiba Saps" or chocolate, packed in a large box)

Smaller, it will become bigger. (Balloon)

Object requiring business person. (Notes)

For those who want to leave their mark. (Setting up colored lime)

Cool, green, long ... (champagne bottle)

An integral characteristic of civilized life. (Toilet paper roll)

A little happiness. (Chocolate box)

A fake game for those who want to know how to make a good face. (Lemon)

A gift from Africa (Pineapple or coconut)

Corporate atmosphere: dance entertainment

For a change, you can add the following game elements to the normal dances:



Join the participants and move around with the surrounding activities. When joining snakes, a "snake head" begins to divert the chain in the chain of the "chicken" chain when it joins a large number of snakes. The game ends with a happy disentangling of rings.


A thread attendees are attached to the belt, chap

Exit the circle

Participants dance in a circle. One of the participants: goes to the center of the circle and the dance begins. Shortly afterwards, he draws another participant in the center of the circuit and takes his place.

Entertainment "stop music"

In order to take the gap from dance and loud music participants are occasionally there are small spaces filled with various games and entertainment. (See the game)

Corporate views: "On the Edge" competitions

By the end of the evening you can offer some more fun to the public. However, with the selection of their organization and participants, these hobbies need to control the situation without causing negative emotions amongst some guests (especially victims of these games). In addition, one of the most interesting and remarkable prizes in such sports competitions.


Extra clothes

Some of the most courageous comedians were summoned. Before each of the competitors put in a chair. The referee invites the composers to the composer, and everyone can take any part of the clothes at the same time (or post some material from the packet). For any reason, you can not remove anything from yourself, a participant who leaves the competition. The last one remaining in the match is a prize.

To parrivalipatu

Leading is seven-seven. They work to bring a few items to the front. The first to deal with the task gets a prize for rivals.

These funny kids give the game a special mix of erotic shade items. For example, this list will contain no clothes, please bring a piece of paper starting a certain letter, jewelry and makeup. Participant's work not only identifies these items, but also the shoe, shirt or cell phone owner

Male competition

Only men participate in this competition. Each of them gets a bottle filled with water and a glass. The task of the contestants is to hold the bottle between their legs, without hands to fill a glass on the floor. The faster and more accurate one gets a gift than the others to deal with this task.


The game requires two or three glass jars and metal money. (It is good to prepare a small change in advance in the hope that participants will find it).

Those who want to participate in the tournament are divided into two or three teams. Each group receives a glass jar and the same number of coins (at least three for each share holder).

The starting line is indicated at a distance of 5 meters from the bank's deposit. Participants' job is to squeeze a currency between the thighs and go to their bank and throw the coin in the bank without the help of the hands. The group that earns the highest coins in the bank receives a prize.


It is best to end the evening by presenting to participants in various categories such as:

The most enthusiastic dancer.

Fast dancer.

Very original dance movement.

Very plastic dance.

The most harmful dance.

Great dance system.

Very talented dancer.

The most innovative dancer.

Useful tips

It should be remembered that in the evening many people are dancing here. Hence, it is enough to choose 3-5 hikers from the list, not mindful of the evening time in various competitions and games.

It is best to play the game in times of depression when some of the participants become bored or dancing.


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