Funny view of the photo studio

Enters a client photo studio.
CLIENT: Tell me, do you make a photo passport?

Photographer: Yes, of course

CLIENT: (door to door) guys, come in

There are six persons in the hand of the iron typing type "corner". Three persons stand four in front with faces that face.

Photographer: (scared) Sorry ... sorry ... what are you doing ...?

CLIENT: Well, very clearly stated - we have three four angles

About the store

The girl comes with the seller. In the hands of documents: check, registration certificate, assurance card.

FEMALE SPEAKER: I bought a TV yesterday. I want to get it back.

Vendor: what happened? Will he not show up? Is not it?

Woman: Not sure! In yesterday's series, Vicka Maxim Victorovic must accept a privilege !!! On this TV she is blocking Zhanna Arkadyevna !!!

Screenplay Short funny scenes

In the studio, the frontline of black T-shirts with the compiler and three dirty hairy guys.

Guest: Good evening, dear friends! Our guest worship tonight's metal quartet "Mytishchi cannibals" ... sorry, the teacher tells me, the guys have lunch. Our guest trio "Mytishchi cannibals"

Funny miniature about the game

If the tennis player frauds the ball, the knife at the same time. Appropriate trainer. It stands closer. It seems.

Coach: Lena, stop! Stop !!! This is not good! How are you going to do tomorrow?

Lena is on the floor

Coach: Join it together! Raise your shoulders! Please do it again later!

The trainer starts shouting loudly and the tennis player is back after him.

Coach: I'm now! (Tennis player shouted) here! Already better! Work hard!

Funny scene for adults about turnip


Minimum preparation and the need for some protection from those involved. If the company is small. A person can do two "roles". If adults are not participating for the first time in this scene and if they are playing among themselves, then the performance becomes particularly spectacular.
A leading, seven characters participated with characters and audiences. The host distributes these roles:

The player is plopkoy when the word "ptpka" (prypku, ...), the player must say "over two" - 1 player.

2 players - When the leader says the grandfather is "grandfather", the player must "kill".

3 Players - When a grandmother tells the host "grandmother", the player must say "oh-oh".

When a granddaughter tells the viewer's word "grandma" (granddaughter, ...), the player must say "I'm not ready yet" - 4 players.

5 Players - When a bug (dog), the leader says "bug", the player must say "woof-woof".

6 Players - The cat, cat, "cat", the player must say "mauve-mauve".

7 Players - When a mouse, the term provider is "mouse", the player must say "Wi-Wi".


This game starts. The participant's voice tells the presenter "Tulip":

Grandpa happened (2 players - had been killed) a shred (1 player - both). The soil has risen (both of the 1 player) the largest one. Grandpa (2 players will be killed) A drag (pulling 1 player - both) pulls, pulls, pulls, can not pull. 

Grandmother (2 players - will be killed) grandmother (3 players - oh-oh). Grandpa (2 players - will be slaughtered), Grandpa (2 players - to kill) grandmother (3 players - oh-o)), pull-pull, can not pull.

The celebrations of the Lower Bookwalk are very lush. Moving athletes, surrounded by athletes and weightlifters, sprinters and distance II, throws kernel and darts, jumpers and wrestlers on motorcycles, hiking, pilots, boats, billiards, chess, hiking walkers, motorists, riders, boaters, fencing, tennis Kouřim emptied from the endless stream Players, cyclists, shooters, swimmers, boxers, skiers, skaters, polo players, golf, rugby, cricket, the dog trainer, canaries and pigeons, fishermen and dzhiudzhitsistov. 

They cut all the roads and highways, sporting all kinds of sports, and the Bukhvichek does not echo in the surrounding forests. The gates of the game Klapzubov are scurrying around the kopfet and lemonade coriander in the vendors on the platform for speakers in the northern threshold pad, surrounded by flagpoles with national flags. At ten, the rectangle in the emerald area is surrounded by the crowd of spectators

- Caddy! It's caddy! - The airspace has been broadcasted, and the old Katie has no time.
Kadja said in his speech that if the noise stopped stopped for a long time, and the old man shook a shaky voice. | Under the surrender he tears down and hunched with age Vanik, who did not complete his speech.

Klapsaba's appearance at the head of his red father faced stormy happiness. In a few words Gonza captain thanked them for their attention and he decided to step down from the stage where he was brought to the end of a new explosion. Bright tracksuits take on the stage of eleven women. They were members of Prague and Brno's "Weaky Wee" Karlín and Třebíč "Achilles" service community.

All-time - known athletes, half a mile, length jump and height, the spear and the shot to keep the uninterrupted world recorder sixty yards all over the run. On behalf of Czech players they came up with their right football game and the merits and memory artists who picked up the little honorary badge Goodfrunte. Klapzubovtsy is so shocked that this unexpected tribute is stuck, so their hearts are crippled by the strongest chest as beautiful sportswomen pinned on their pin. At that time Vladimir Marek Štěch waved a flag, and a military band hit Klapzubov's song.

Finally, the culprits of the festival came down from the platform. There was a pebble decorated with ribbons in the north-east corner of the game industry, and many drumming horses were connected with plowing, once they were known for hard work stalins, and are now entirely aged.

He took the hair from old Klapzuba veteran coach - he did not give him the emphasis of plowing leading. The first furrow plowing was delegated to a government representative, namely the Health Minister. He looked all surprised. The chairman of the Olympic Committee, the Vice President of the International Football Federation, the Union President, all major sports associations, representative of the local government, finally finally furrow a simple but unforgettable author Yurushch ...

In the entire area of ​​a great playground, the dark brown layers walked out of the spring sun and the forest, sitting on cows and pulling the worms over them.
Meanwhile, the band settled on the edge of the forest. People sitting around meadows, pastures and enthusiasts finished their first official part of a big fun. After lunch, the dance began, and in the evening many meetings came out of the stadium, singing songs to the Zenith members.

That evening reduced the dark blue velvet to a land in the dark. In the dark, there were only white walls of the Cliffians' comfortable housing; Their loneliness, from the Lower Bookiece to the forest, on the holy day, seemed more orphaned.

  To be happy with the kids, you always have to prepare a lot of different funny ones. Scenes and scripts remind the baby for long periods of his first child's holidays. On our site you will find many good things. Children's views.


Mom's story-scene.

He lived in the forest near the lawn. Normal hedgehog. Once upon a time, a unique adventure happened to him. Look: a hedgehog came out of the lawn ... like it ... and saw the flowers.

  FR - FR ... Hello Flowers, FR - FR ...

  Good day of day ...
  Good day of day ...
  Good day - day - day ...

  Come on, please, congratulations ... FR - FR ... My mom at the occasion.

  We agree, yes, yes ...
  How to go there

Suddenly jumped out of a FOX solution. Here is a great deal. Here is a terrible one. I saw a hedgehog:

  What a delicious ... Nyam-Nyam ...
  Meeting, Niyam - Niyam ...
  Now I'm you - I am!

  Ay, FR - FR, I'm afraid! FR - FR ... Help!

The same flowers are not confusing, but they sit on the hedgehog as soon as possible: a ... second ... third ... fourth ... fifth ... That's what HEDGEHOG became a flowering flower. I searched and searched for Fox in search of a hedgehog among the flowers I ran. When the hedgehog came home, his mother said:

  What are beautiful flowers, but where is my girlfriend?

Then came closer to HEDGEHOG, kissed mom - like this ... and said:

  Here I am, FR-FR, FR-FR, under the flowers! happy Holidays!

The story is designed for beginners. Learning the author's texts and helping children to read the needs of children: paper vacuums (wipes). On March 8th, children in the kindergarten together bring together the story of their mother as a story.

The baby is designed to make his own voice, alphabetically changing characters, creating images.

This story is useful for children with speech disabilities.


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